Facebook Messenger Now Taking Over Instagram Direct messages

Facebook Messenger Merger, Will WhatsApp Be Next?

Facebook Messenger Merger
Facebook Messenger Screen

Written By Elee Global

Facebook announced in 2010 a plan to merge three of its messaging network brands together into one efficient service. The platforms are Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct.

Signs of a successful unification of these messaging Apps started becoming a reality last Friday according to The Verge who spotted the first move towards Facebook unified utopia.

On Friday 14th August, users of Instagram app could vividly see a message saying “There is a new way to message on Instagram”. Besides being able to communicate across the Instagram and Facebook platforms easily, the new update promised a new colorful look, emoji reactions and the ability to swipe to reply messages. After undergoing an update, Instagram’s messaging icon changes to a Facebook messaging logo.

Going by The Verge, Facebook is reported to have had just a small number of users who were able to update to a new test experience for Instagram messaging. The Mark Zuckerberg owned company expressed optimism to have more people to sign up and added that they were looking forward to testing the new unified service in other countries worldwide.

Facebook is currently the biggest player in the social media game with WhatsApp as the biggest messaging app averaging over 2 billion monthly users. Facebook Owns WhatsApp. The Latest merger aims to create a 3.3 Billion user network. This is according to statista