About us

Cheki Bulls is a trusted Computer store in Nairobi, Kenya with express delivery countrywide and a proven track record on variety, best prices, speedy delivery and excellent service.

We offer affordable prices for a wide range of computing products sold on our online computer store. A variety of the latest high quality but affordable computing hardware and software from top renowned brands such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Toshiba, Kaspersky, TP-link, D-link, Acer, Epson, Asus, Canon, Kyocera, Toshiba among others are for sale at discounted prices. We deal in a broad category of durable computer supplies including desktops
computers, servers, laptops, tablets, printers, projectors and screens, scanners, software and other
computing products in both wholesale and retail.

When looking for where to buy computer hardware, software or other computer-related supplies near you in Kenya, browse our online computer store or call us to select from a wide variety of the latest computing products for sale and make your order. Excellent customer service staff and logistics team will facilitate speedy and express delivery of any product you purchase countrywide to your doorstep or a courier station near you.

Being the best among the authorized computers dealers in Nairobi, Kenya of renowned brands, Cheki Bulls aims to live up to Africa’s best in the computer planet reputation. Therefore, we work with leading distributors to have the widest possible selection of computing supplies at affordable prices for our customers. Our quality services make us rate at the top of the best computer shops.

To be your one-stop shop for all your ICT needs.

To offer quality ICT solutions such as software’s, hardware’s and repair and maintenance that meets all our customers’ needs and expectations.


  • Accountability
  • Customer Focus
  • Commitment
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Team work

Our business is one that is enabled by people, powered by technology, and open to everyone.

What we do
Cheki bulls is where everyone goes to shop for all their IT Products. Whether you are buying new, refurbished trendy or one-of-its-kind IT product– if it exists in the world, it probably for sale at Cheki Bulls.
We give buyers the platform, solutions, and support they need to source their IT products.

We measure our success by our customers success.

We are building stronger connections between buyers and manufacturers with product experiences that are fast, mobile, and secure. And we are transforming the individual buying experience by bringing collection of IT solutions under one roof.