Lenovo G50-80 Laptop battery

 Replace your worn-out battery with a brand new battery from Lenovo and keep your laptop working at optimum levels. Replacement battery for Lenovo Ideapad G50-45, G50-70, G50-80.

KES 3,499.00

Compatible Models: Lenovo ERASER G50, ERASER G50-30, ERASER G50-45, ERASER G50-70, ERASER G50-70A, ERASER G50-70M, ERASER G50-75, ERASER G50-80, ERASER Z40, ERASER Z40-70, ERASER Z40-75, ERASER Z50, ERASER Z50-70, ERASER Z70, ERASER Z70-70, ERASER Z70-80, G40-30, G40-45, G40-70, G40-70M, G50, G50-30, G50-45, G50-70, G50-70M, IDEAPAD G50, IDEAPAD G50-30, IDEAPAD G50-45, IDEAPAD G50-70, IDEAPAD G50-70A, IDEAPAD G50-70M, IDEAPAD G50-75, IDEAPAD G50-80, IDEAPAD S435, IDEAPAD Z40, IDEAPAD Z40-70, IDEAPAD Z40-75, IDEAPAD Z50, IDEAPAD Z50-70, IDEAPAD Z70, IDEAPAD Z70-70, IDEAPAD Z70-80, Z40, Z40-70, Z40-75, Z50, Z50-70, Z70, Z70-70, Z70-80, IdeaPad G400s,IdeaPad G400s Touch,IdeaPad G405s,IdeaPad G405s Touch,IdeaPad G410s,IdeaPad G410s Touch,IdeaPad G500s,IdeaPad G500s Touch,IdeaPad G505s,IdeaPad G505s Touch, IdeaPad G510s,IdeaPad G510s Touch,IdeaPad S410p,IdeaPad S410p Touch,IdeaPad S510p,IdeaPad S510p Touch, IdeaPad Z710

Compatible Replacement Parts: Lenovo L12L4A02,L12L4E01,L12M4A02,L12M4E01,L12S4A02,L12S4E01, 121500171, 121500172, 121500173, 121500174, 121500175, 121500176, 90202869.